Assignment 4 Reflection

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

Materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

I think once again I have definitely progressed in all of these elements, I’ve once again tried my hand at experimenting with new materials and techniques, I’ve worked on scales that I never have before and although I really struggled in that department I think it was a valuable part of my journey and I learnt more through that struggle than I would have had I found it easy. Due to my dyspraxia and consequent complete lack of understanding spacial awareness, proportion is something that is a huge challenge for me and even in the assignment I definitely had issues in that department (these were exacerbated by working on such a large scale as well). However I do think that I’ve made quite a lot of progress and I’m pleased with how far I’ve come so far with my observational skills and visual awareness. I think I’m slowly getting to grips with design and composition however I feel like I end up back at square one with each module as they are focusing on different things, for example the composition of a portrait or figure is likely to be incredibly different to the considerations that must be made for a landscape or townscape piece. So I will admit on this part progress is slow going but I’m getting there.

Quality of outcome

Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas

I know technically a couple of the assignment pieces may not be as strong as some of the other work I’ve produced in this course however I’m incredibly happy with the results and proud of the outcome. Before starting this course I rarely worked on a piece that was A4, most of my work consisting of A5 drawings or smaller, so A1 drawings are a huge leap outside of my comfort zone and are something I’ve been far too scared to try before as I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t able to do it. I realise the proportions of the first piece seem incredibly wrong and I had issues witht he scale which meant I had to add more paper on to fit the ends of the feet in the drawing – that helped fix a lot of proportion issues I was having. Another issue I had was that I wasn’t drawing from life and of course a photo flattens everything, I was leaning forward in the photo and therefore my head is larger than looks correct. I think another issue I had here was that I have a drawing board (pictured below) however it os A1 horizontal and cannot be put vertically therefore the top of the drawing was hanging off the top of the board and I did my best to hold it in place whilst drawing however I wasn’t particularly successful at that. I am happy with the outcome of the reclining figure although it could be more detailed. I actually really love the portrait, I realise it may be a little overworked but I think it demonstrates the skills I’ve developed throughout this module well. I think I’m really taking on board and applying the knowledge I’m gaining well, I know for a fact that several months ago I couldn’t have imagined being able to produce work like this. I think I communicate my ideas relatively well, I know I do have a bad habit of writing in quite a waffly, clunky way but I’m doing my best to refine it and this will continue to happen before submitting for assessment.

Demonstration of creativity

Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice

I think this has improved a lot throughout this module. I’ve tried to experiment with more techniques and materials, using supports that I’ve never considered before and looking at styles I wouldn’t have thought about previously in my trials. Although it may not be that evident, my personal voice is becoming much clearer to me, I’m slowly realising what it is I want to say in my work. I think the moving figures exercises were a turning point for me in that regard. Letting my emotions and anger fuel my work and allowing the subject to be something that matters so much to me personally. This is something that really excites me, particularly now I’m thinking about part five and I get to really lean into this.

Context reflection

Research, critical thinking

I found I ended up talking about one research point in another so I did end up several times combing two research points or a research point with an exercise as I felt it allowed me to have a more thorough and interesting dialogue with the questions posed. When I’m researching something another stumbling block I have is that when I get particularly interested in something I end up in a sort of research black hole where my mind has a singular focus and then tends to ignore the other things I’m meant to be researching. I am working on this but I’m sort of fighting my programming with that. I think my critical thinking has continued to improve however there is definitely still a lot of room for improvement in both research and critical thinking.

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